Tasting sessions

At your venue or elsewhere

The sessions are ideally suited as training for hospitality staff and for your team to learn how to taste and speak knowledgebly about chocolate - or to refresh existing abilities.  Existing clients include restaurateurs,  hotels, wine & spirits, speciality tea & coffee and chocolatiers  - as well as relevant corporate events.

Guiding price for an in-house session in London is £200-£250 for 1.5-2hrs session - depending on numbers of participants.  Bespoke sessions on request.

Current topic menu

What is Craft Chocolate? 

Learn about what makes bean-to-bar and fine chocolate stand out from more generic and mass produced bars.  Understand how to taste chocolate and make the first steps into discovering your own preferences.


Looking Beyond the Chocolate Wrapper

Delve further into the ingredients and processes, which go into making chocolate.  Learn about cacao percentages, the effect on taste and how to read the bar labels to confidently explore the fine world of chocolate.


Focus on Origin

Here we focus on the flavours of one country.  Just as we wouldn’t expect French wine, for example, to taste the same depending on the varietal and the producer among others, there are vast differences in chocolate.  We taste & compare a representative range within the origin across different makers. 

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